Fitness Workouts At Home

Fitness Workouts At Home is my style of working out.  Joining a gym is great if you have the money and time to squeeze it into your life and budget but for me it never seems to work out for the long term.

Always looking to stay fit, healthy and keep my weight under control I found the greatest invention in the world to keep me motivated every single day. My Fitbit. Simply put weight loss and maintaining control has one simple basis: Calories In vs Calories Out.  No matter what weight loss program you choose, and I'm pretty sure I have followed them all at one time or another from Weight Watchers to Nutrisystem to Fad Diets, Low Carb, Low Fat and then back again when the weight eventually came back. They were all good "diets" but then that's what they are diets. Everyone's body needs different fuel. Some people need to cut the sugars and fats. Some bodies need to cut the carbs. I found moderation in portions so helpful. And I have completely eliminated sugars and carbs except for some of my favorite vegetables and find that works best for me.  I no longer get those crazy cravings where the more you eat, the more you need to eat. I'm not saying everyone has to do that, but it is a great idea to moderate your foods and keep an eye on what works best for you.

Enter the fitness zone with a Fitbit. Taking walks is very nice but I don't always have the time and the weather is not always that cooperative. At home though I can monitor my Fitbit and see where I'm at and use that knowledge to get me up off the chair and add some music to my life stepping it up while I'm cooking or watching TV and even cleaning your house earns you steps, calories burned and you get things done while you feel great about yourself at the same time!

Fitbit Fitness Has Changed My Life Works With My Style On My Terms

Fitbits Aren't that expensive and I can honestly say is one of the greatest investments I have ever made in myself. I have lost 22 lbs in just a few months walking, stepping and just picking up my pace with the knowledge this easy to use and maintain device has give me.

Some Fitness Shopping I Love:

Salad Sandwich Delight

Lettuce Salad Sandwich – Why Not

Lunch time is rolling around and you just can’t decide whether to have a salad or a sandwich or both. Then you have decide what you want on your sandwich, or maybe your refrigerator is just not stocked with anything that interesting. A salad might be yummy, but you just don’t feel like cutting up all the ingredients and you only have salad in the house. Then you have to decide on dressing. Forget it if your in a hurry – salads can take forever to eat which is great when you have the time for a nice leisurely lunch.

Lettuce Salad Sandwich

And that’s why my granddaughter Kaitlyn and I invented my magic lettuce salad sandwich. It’s a sandwich, it’s a salad. It’s not fattening if you don’t want it to be and it is magically filling. Quick and easy. Great for lunch. Great for really anytime of the day you feel like something well, not a sandwich and not a salad but really it’s both. I like mine open faced, but you can decide how you like it.
Like all of my home made up recipes, it’s quick, super easy to prepare and even easier to clean up afterwards. And of course not many ingredients – you can fix it like I do or adjust it to your own creative salad sandwich delicious idea.
All of the photos were hungrily taken by me….just before I ate the whole thing!

Basic Salad Ingredients

Lettuce Salad Sandwich
Lettuce Salad Sandwich
Basic Salad Ingredients
Salad ingredients just don’t get any easier to prepare when you used pre-packaged shredded lettuce. Not that I have anything against a head of lettuce which can definitely be used instead if that’s what you keep in your fridge and prefer, but by the time I decide if I want to pull the lettuce out and cut it up, well I might just decide to reach for a piece of cake or something I don’t really want to give in to so I keep shredded lettuce around all the time.
It’s even a great idea if you prefer to buy fresh heads of lettuce to shred up a container full ahead of time and keep it ready to go for sandwiches just like these.
Shredded lettuce, a bowl or container to pour it in to. Oh, and a spoon or fork to mix it up with. All we are going to add is, mayonnaise.

Lettuce Salad Sandwich
Lettuce Salad Sandwich
Recipe For Salad Sandwich
I love to share and pass on easy recipes that I call Home Made Up. Here are the ingredients and a simple summary of how to put together a lettuce salad sandwich in no time at all. Step by Step photos and directions are included below.
Trust me it doesn’t get any easier, and I promise it’s good and good for you. Nutritionally, it has healthy produce, lettuce is always a keeper no matter what your fitness or weight loss program is, healthy fats in mayo and olive oil that helps keep you satisfied and fuller longer and fiber healthy carbs low in calories. We are talking about each sandwich weighing in at about 150 calories a piece. That’s a great lunch even if you pair it with soup or a small bag of chips.
It’s a great snack anytime and way better than the bag of chips or ice cream I know you were thinking about!
  • Cook time: 5 min
  • Ready in: 5 min
  • Yields: Individual or Family Style


  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Flat Bread or Slim Bread or Bread Of Your Choice
  • Seasonings Like Salt and Pepper To Taste


  1. Shred some lettuce or open a bag of pre shredded lettuce. Add as much as you need into a bowl. Add a dollop of mayonnaise to your liking and mix it up. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Toast a slim bread or flat bread or bread of your choice and beautifully arrange your salad mix on top. I like my sandwich open faced, but you can try yours both ways.

Dollop The Mayo

Lettuce Salad Sandwich
Lettuce Salad Sandwich
Mayonnaise With Olive Oil, Light Mayo or Your Favorite Mayonnaise
That’s it, all I add to my lettuce is a dollop of mayonnaise. How much is a dollop? Hmmm, that’s typical of my cooking and recipes. There’s no exact measure of a dollop except how much you want. If you like a lot of mayo, add a big tablespoon full to start, if you aren’t too sure or don’t really like lots of it at a time, think smaller to start, you can always add more!
My favorite mayo is one with olive oil, even better there are light versions and brands with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive oil is healthy for you and check their nutritional labels some have only 50 calories per tablespoon which is probably way plenty. Kraft and Hellman’s both have a light and regular style mayo with olive oil and I think they are both great. So even if you have a heaping dollop, still not so bad considering the calories from the lettuce is well, super minimal as all you bunnies out there know.
You can even add in a pinch of salt, or a smidgen of pepper or both if you like to add some seasoning.

Salad Mix Ready To Go

Lettuce Salad Sandwich
Lettuce Salad Sandwich

Sandwich Thins Flat Bread Fundamentals

Sandwich Thins are my favorite base bread for this recipe. You can definitely use your favorite bread or rolls or bagels but I love that they range about 100 calories each, toast up perfectly in my toaster and hold the lettuce and mayo combination just right without soaking through. They aren’t very expensive and readily available at your local grocery store. You can buy them in bulk from many of the Club Warehouses or even on Amazon, some to eat now and freeze some for later.

Lettuce Salad Sandwich
Lettuce Salad Sandwich Flat Breads
I love my flat bread base toasted to get the fun warm crunch of the bread in contrast with the cool smoothness of the salad but you choose your favorite.
While you are mixing up your lettuce and mayo and letting it sit for a moment so the deliciousness of the mayo and seasonings combines just right, pop your flat bread base into the toaster. When you take them out of the pack it looks like one thin bread, see the top one on the plate but they come apart easily to form two sides to your sandwich. Looks thin, but they really pack a filling punch maybe because they have some healthy fiber in them (don’t worry you can’t tell they are healthy because they taste really good).
Toast them lightly or toast them crispy, I like mine a little on the crispy side so I get that nice even crunch every time I take a bite.

Salad Sandwich Ready To Eat

Lettuce Salad Sandwich
Lettuce Salad Sandwich Light Easy and Delicious
Salad Sandwich Platter
So that’s it. Your simple, easy lettuce salad sandwich is ready to eat. But if you are wondering, how good could this really taste, I understand. Who would want just lettuce mixed with mayo on a toasted flat bread anyway. Trust me, it’s yummy!
It’s a great healthy choice and although I am not a vegetarian – what a great vegetarian sandwich recipe this is. I love proteins and meat and could probably eat bacon every meal but, since I am not really going to do that, this is a terrific option.
It’s perfect for lunch, even if you are packing it to take to work. Just have your salad in one container and the bread (which doesn’t have to be toasted if you don’t have a toaster at work) and enjoy the ease of a cool, healthy and seriously, I think it’s filling, lunch. It will give you more time to shop, or read or run errands!
Vegetarians or just salad lovers can always add in some shredded carrot or cut up cucumber for a nifty change but I really like it just the way it is.

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Pinterest is like a scrapbook of my life, my memories, my hopes and dreams.  Not only can I "pin" what I love, I can pin what I hope to get someday, hope to cook someday.  How to exercise and how to decorate.

It's amazing to me how many people on Pinterest are thinking the same thing as me, remember something fun from the old days or a laughing out loud meme they share - how did they know I was thinking the same thing.

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