Fitness Workouts At Home

Fitness Workouts At Home is my style of working out.  Joining a gym is great if you have the money and time to squeeze it into your life and budget but for me it never seems to work out for the long term.

Always looking to stay fit, healthy and keep my weight under control I found the greatest invention in the world to keep me motivated every single day. My Fitbit. Simply put weight loss and maintaining control has one simple basis: Calories In vs Calories Out.  No matter what weight loss program you choose, and I'm pretty sure I have followed them all at one time or another from Weight Watchers to Nutrisystem to Fad Diets, Low Carb, Low Fat and then back again when the weight eventually came back. They were all good "diets" but then that's what they are diets. Everyone's body needs different fuel. Some people need to cut the sugars and fats. Some bodies need to cut the carbs. I found moderation in portions so helpful. And I have completely eliminated sugars and carbs except for some of my favorite vegetables and find that works best for me.  I no longer get those crazy cravings where the more you eat, the more you need to eat. I'm not saying everyone has to do that, but it is a great idea to moderate your foods and keep an eye on what works best for you.

Enter the fitness zone with a Fitbit. Taking walks is very nice but I don't always have the time and the weather is not always that cooperative. At home though I can monitor my Fitbit and see where I'm at and use that knowledge to get me up off the chair and add some music to my life stepping it up while I'm cooking or watching TV and even cleaning your house earns you steps, calories burned and you get things done while you feel great about yourself at the same time!

Fitbit Fitness Has Changed My Life Works With My Style On My Terms

Fitbits Aren't that expensive and I can honestly say is one of the greatest investments I have ever made in myself. I have lost 22 lbs in just a few months walking, stepping and just picking up my pace with the knowledge this easy to use and maintain device has give me.

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